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How do I join Peachy?

You can craft and buy the perfect plan here - in minutes!

Can anyone join Peachy?

To join Peachy you must be a permanent UK resident aged 18-55 when cover starts. You must also be registered continuously with a UK GP for at least 6 months or be able to provide your full medical records in English.

Do I need anything to join Peachy?

Just a smartphone! We have developed the Peachy app so you can manage your whole plan from your phone – from making a claim and getting care to managing your family and chatting to our team.

How much does it cost?

Creating your very own Peachy plan puts you in control of the price. The price is determined by the level of cover and additional extras you choose, as well as factors such as your age and where you live. To find out how much you would pay, you can get a quote in a few clicks!

Will the monthly price increase each year?

Not necessarily. From time to time, we may choose to make changes to the terms of your plan including the price of your plan. We will always give you at least’s one month’s notice of any changes by emailing you. Many factors can influence price – for example, medical inflation (basically, the change in cost of healthcare over time), the total value of claims made by our customers and any changes to the insurance premium tax made by the government.

Can I tailor my cover?

Yes. Our range of healthcare options puts you in control of creating the right plan for you.

What are annual limits?

Depending on how you craft your plan, some benefits may come with annual limits. An annual limit lasts for 12 months from your start date and refreshes every 12 months thereafter – assuming you remain on continuous cover with us.

What annual limit should I choose?

We are not able to offer advice on what annual limits you should choose when crafting your plan however, we can provide you with information which can help you make a decision.

Consultations & diagnostics
Here are some examples of how much private treatments can cost:

Initial consultation
MRI scan (1 body part)

£170 - 280
£2,065 - 2,885
£1,655 - 2,570
£390 - 640

(Source: PHIN 2019, Nuffield Healthcare Aug 2021)

Hospital care
Here are some examples of how much private medical procedures treatments can cost:

Hip replacement
Knee replacement
Slipped disc removal (lower back)
Knee surgery (ACL repair)
Gall bladder removal (keyhole surgery)
Shoulder decompression
Key arthroscopy
Spinal injection
Carpal tunnel release

£10,195 - 15,625
£10,195 - 16,795
£6,629 - 14,750
£5,195 - 8,010
£3,070 - 4,575
£2,085 - 3,285
£1,945 - 2,720

(Source: Nuffield Healthcare Aug 2021)

Please note:

  1. Costs can vary significantly for the same procedure or treatment depending on the healthcare professional and private hospital you use
  2. The total cost could be higher if you require additional treatment, for example for complications or additional treatment you require for a given condition
  3. The cost of cancer care can be considerably more than the examples outlined above. The treatment of cancer can require consultations, diagnostic tests, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Do I need to fill in a medical form to join Peachy?

No, we’ve made it easy to get a plan!

Do you offer advice on selecting a plan?

No. We provide information about what is and isn’t covered by Peachy plans and answer any questions to help you decide what you want and need from a health insurance plan. As we sell our own products, we don’t review the whole of the market, so we can’t give you a recommendation or advice!

How do I know what my plan covers?

You’ll be able to edit your cover, and other plan settings such as annual limits, start dates, and more - all before you finalise your plan. After payment, we will send you your plan documents and send it to you by email.

How do you calculate my premium?

Premiums are calculated individually and are based on a number of different factors including age, where you live and the plan options you choose.

How do I pay for my plan?

After reviewing your plan summary and having an opportunity to look over the plan documents, you’ll be able to pay using your credit or debit card. We will charge your first payment after we’ve issued your plan, regardless of the plan’s start date. Thereafter, you’ll be charged each month on the day your plan became active.

Can I change my card details?

Of course, just drop us a note at or or send us a message in the Peachy app and we’ll help you.

What if I miss a premium payment?

If your payment method is declined, we’ll ask you to provide us with a different one. We’ll keep reminding you, but after 2 weeks we will have to cancel your plan - we’ll warn you first. Please note: if you miss your first payment, your plan will be considered retroactively void (no cover).

Can I add my spouse, partner or children to my plan?

Yes. You can add them at anytime. They will need to be UK residents, registered continuously with a UK GP for at least 6 months or be able to provide full medical records in English and live at the same address as you. At the date they join the plan;

  • children must be aged 25 or under
  • partners and spouses must be aged between 18-55
Does my child get their own Peachy app?

If you have a child on your plan who is under 16 you will manage their account through your app, including booking Virtual GP appointments, checking cover and making claims.

If you have a child on your plan who is over 16 they will have their own app from the plan start date and will manage their own account.

If your child turns 16 while on your Peachy plan, after their birthday they will be sent a link to download their app.

When does my plan renew?

Our plans are a monthly contract which continue until you cancel.

Can I change my cover after I have joined?

Yes. If you’d like to change your level of cover, just drop us a note at or chat to us in the Peachy app and we’ll help you.
If you make a change, this will affect all members (spouses, partners, dependants) under your plan.

Removing a benefit

You can remove any benefit except Virtual GP and Mental Health. Please note, to continue your plan with us, you must also have at least one of Consultations & Diagnostics or Hospital Care benefits.

We will amend your monthly premium to reflect the removal of the benefit. Where appropriate, we will provide a pro-rata refund.

Any claims relating to the period in which the benefit was active will be honoured, subject to the plan’s terms and conditions.

Adding a benefit

You can add a benefit to your plan at anytime.

The new benefit will take effect from the benefit start date and annual limits will apply to the current plan year, refreshing at the start of the next plan year.

Please note, we will not cover pre-existing conditions under your new benefit until you've been symptom & treatment free for two years of continuous cover as a Peachy customer after the benefit start date. This does not apply to the Dental & Optical benefit, if you choose to add this.

Reducing your annual limit

You can only reduce your annual limit for Consultations & Diagnostics and Hospital Care benefits.

We will amend your monthly premium to reflect the reduction to the annual limit. Where appropriate, we will provide a pro-rata refund of premium.

Your new lower annual limit will apply to the remainder of the current plan year, before refreshing at the start of the next plan year. Claims paid in the plan year under your old level of cover will count towards the annual limit for your new level of cover.

Increasing your annual limit

You can increase the annual limit for Consultations & Diagnostics or Hospital Care only at any time.

The new annual limit will take effect from the benefit increase date and apply to the current plan year, refreshing at the start of the next plan year.

Note: we will not cover pre-existing conditions under your new increased benefit until you've been symptom & treatment free for two years of continuous cover as a Peachy customer after the benefit increase date.

How can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time by dropping us a note at or sending us a message in the Peachy app.

If you cancel within 14 days from your plan start date, we will refund all premiums that you’ve paid, providing that you’ve not made or intend to make a claim. If you make a claim within the first 14 days of your plan start date, you forfeit the right to cancel your plan until one month after the plan start date.

If you cancel after the 14-day period, your plan will end on the day you cancel and we will refund any premium payments you have made on a pro-rata basis.Please note that we will not back date cancellation or pay for any treatment that takes place after your last day of cover.

Do I get a paper copy of my plan?

If you buy a Peachy plan we will send you all the relevant documents by email, and you can access your plan document at any time via the Peachy app. However if you would like a hard copy, just let us know at or send us a message in the Peachy app and we’ll help you.


Do I need to check cover before getting care?

Yes. Checking your cover before getting care gives you and us peace of mind that you're covered. If you don’t do this, you open the possibility of paying for care that may not be covered, and therefore cannot be claimed under your plan.
Checking cover is simple! Go to Check cover in the Peachy app, answer a few questions and we’ll let you know if you're covered or not.

Do I need a referral to get care?

Yes, but you can self-refer for Virtual GP appointments (unlimited), physiotherapy with an Ascenti clinic (up to five sessions per year) and any Dental & Optical care (if you’ve chosen this benefit). We won’t routinely ask to see the referral, however we may ask for it when you make a claim.

Can I see any specialist or healthcare professional?

Yes, as long as they are fully qualified and hold a current license to practice with the relevant professional body.
We made getting care easier. You can search over 15,000 private specialists and healthcare professionals right inside the Peachy app to get care near you, including:

What hospitals can I use?

We believe access to the best hospitals for diagnosis or treatment of your condition should be a clinical choice, not a commercial decision driven by a health insurer.
With Peachy, you can access any private hospital across the UK. It’s your health, so you should be able to choose the best hospital for you.

How do I file a claim?

It’s breezy! Just open the Peachy app and hit the Make a claim button to access our smart concierge. There you’ll need to answer a few questions about your claim and record a video selfie explaining what you are claiming for and why. Then just snap a picture of your receipt and send it over to us. We’ll handle the rest!

If you need hospital care just let us know, we can pay you as soon as you’ve been treated, so you can take care of the bill.

In some instances, we may come back to you for more information to support your claim, or to ask for your consent to obtain medical information related to your claim.

Please remember that we only accept claims made within 16 weeks of the treatment date or payment date, whichever is later, unless there is a good reason why you can’t do this.

Why does Peachy ask me to record a video during the claims process?

There’s no better way for us to understand what your claiming for than by having you tell us in your own words. It only takes a minute to shoot the video.

How will I get paid for a claim?

After you file a claim on the Peachy app, you will be asked to enter your bank account details. Once your claim is approved, we’ll issue payment, directly into your account.

Just make sure the bank account is in your name and registered to your home address for faster payments.

How fast will claims be paid?

We aim to pay the majority of claims as fast as possible. There will be instances in which we’ll need to request more information before we can approve it.

Do I have to pay an excess?

No, we don’t want to discourage you from making a claim when you need care, so we’ve done away with excesses! You may need to pay towards your care if you’ve gone over your annual limit or if your care is not covered.”

Do you have a no claims discount?

No. We don’t want to discourage our customers from using their plan. But don’t worry, your premiums reflect the claims made within a wider pool of customers.

Do my premiums increase if I make a claim?

Not necessarily, your premiums reflect the claims made within a wider pool of customers and we don’t just put up the cost of your plan just because you made a claim.


How can I book a Virtual GP appointment?

You can book a Virtual GP appointment from inside the Peachy app by tapping Book a Virtual GP.

Can I choose to speak to a male or female doctor?

Yes, where possible we will always try to accommodate your preference to speak to a male or female doctor.

What sort of things can I ask about?

Anything you would normally ask a GP about, for example explanations of diagnosis or treatment, or any other health-related query.

Is there a limit to the number of consultations?

No, there is no limit to phone or video consultations.

Can the Virtual GP issue a prescription?

Yes, the Virtual GP can arrange and electronically authorise private prescriptions where the Virtual GP believes it is clinically appropriate. The online pharmacy will then contact you to arrange delivery of the medication to a nominated UK address or collection from a nominated pharmacy. The online pharmacy will take payment for medication and delivery (if applicable) via credit or debit card. This charge is not covered by your plan.

Can the Virtual GP issue repeat prescriptions?

Virtual GPs are unable to issue long-term, repeat medication – in line with clinical best practice guidelines for remote prescribing. Should you require repeat prescription medication, it is in your best interests to see your NHS GP who can provide the ongoing monitoring and follow up care such prescriptions require. Virtual GPs can offer advice on medication being taken and may be able to offer short course medication depending on the symptoms presented.

Can the Virtual GP issue fit notes?

Yes. Should the Virtual GP feel it is required, they can issue you with a private fit note (statements of fitness for work). You should check that your employer will accept a private fit note. Private fit notes are not acceptable for statutory sick pay.

Can the Virtual GP refer to specialists?

Yes. Should the Virtual GP feel that you would benefit from a specialist assessment or further treatment they can provide an open private referral letter. This referral is for private healthcare only and will not be accepted for services in the NHS. Referral letters will be emailed to you.
You will still need to check cover in the Peachy app before you get the treatment that you’ve been referred for.


How secure is my data?

We have put a lot of effort into making your information as secure as possible, including storing information on secure servers and controlling access to your personal data. Sadly use of the internet is not entirely secure, so we can’t guarantee security of information transferred via the internet.
For more information please see our Privacy Policy or contact us at

How does Peachy get paid?

It’s simple, we earn money from the premium that you pay. Here is a sample price breakdown for a plan costing £40 per month for a single member:

Price breakdown

£ per month



Insurance Premium Tax (12%)


Total price


How Peachy makes money

£ per month

Virtual GP


£3 per member per month



20% commission on premium after virtual GP fee. This is to cover everything we do from claims processing, customer service, marketing etc. Best of all ... we don’t profit from not paying claims!

Total amount Peachy earns


How do I make a complaint?

We work very hard to provide the best service and products possible, but we recognise that things do go wrong occasionally. If you’re unhappy with us, you have the right to complain.

To submit a formal complaint, please email us at Please include:

  • Your full name and plan number
  • What your complaint is about
  • What your ideal resolution would be

Below is the timeframe determined by the Financial Conduct Authority to deal with your complaint:

  • Within 3 working days - We will aim to resolve your complaint, where possible, and send you a response
  • Within 5 working days - We will send an email acknowledging we've received your complaint. If the nature of your complaint is unclear, we may call you or write to you to ask for more details
  • Within 4 weeks - We will email you to let you know when we’ll be able to provide a final response, or if we need more time to investigate your complaint
  • Within 8 weeks - We should usually provide a final response. If it isn’t the case, we’d explain the reasons behind the delays, and let you know when we’ll be able to provide a final response

Our final response will explain the outcome of our investigation and will be our final decision on the issues raised. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you’ll still have the following options:

  • If you have an additional complaint, which wasn’t mentioned in your first complaint email, please let us know. We’ll investigate the new complaint
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome of the investigation, or the way your complaint was handled, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You have 6 months to do so from the date of our final response

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service at:

Address: Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

Tel: 0800 023 4567 (+44 20 7964 1000 for calls from outside the UK)



Scenario 1 - Chronic conditions

Elisabeth has just joined Peachy, and suffers from asthma. After joining, she needs to buy a new inhaler.


The cost of her inhaler will not be covered by any Peachy plan, as this comes under monitoring a chronic condition.


A few months later she has a consultation with the Virtual GP through her Peachy plan as she is suffering from a tight chest and trouble breathing. The Virtual GP recommends a consultation with a specialist the next day, who prescribes some medicine and indicates the issue was a flare up of her asthma. After a week, Elizabeth returns to the same level of health as before the flare up.


The cost of the consultation with the specialist and medication will be covered by her Peachy plan, as long as she has Hospital Care benefit included and has limits remaining, as she returned to the same condition as before the flare up.

Scenario 2 - Detecting conditions

Jocelin has been with Peachy for two years, when the Virtual GP recommends she be tested for diabetes. She has multiple consultations and diagnostic tests and is eventually diagnosed with diabetes.


All the diagnostic tests and consultations will be covered by her Peachy plan as long as she has Consultations & Diagnostics benefit included, and has limits remaining.


6 months later, Jocelin collapses at work due to her diabetes and is taken to A&E, where she is treated and released the same day.


The cost of this treatment will not be covered by her Peachy plan as this comes under emergency treatment.

Scenario 3 - Increasing limits

Mateu has had a Peachy plan for one year, and has to undergo diagnostic tests and consultations as his doctor suspects he has cancer.


The diagnostic tests and consultations will be covered by his Peachy plan, as long as he has Consultations & Diagnostics benefit included, and has limits remaining.


Mateu applies to increase his Consultations & Diagnostics limit from £50,000 to £100,000. He has currently used £0 of his limit.


This is accepted and his monthly premium is increased. He now has the additional £50,000 to claim against, and when his plan refreshes at the end of his plan year his limit will be £100,000. However, he will have to wait 2 years from this date before claiming for pre-existing conditions, including his cancer tests and consultations.


After Mateu’s limit has increased, his test results show he has liver cancer, and he begins a course of chemotherapy treatment which takes two months. After the course is finished, he is discharged and in remission.


Mateu will be able to claim up to £50,000 for his chemotherapy, as this is his existing limit. He will not be able to claim up to £100,000 as he was receiving treatment before the increase, so this is classed as a pre-existing condition.

Scenario 4 - Reducing limits

Adrian has been with Peachy for two and a half years, and had knee surgery 6 months before joining. He starts having knee pains and the Virtual GP recommends he get an MRI.


Adrian has had no symptoms for two years so he will be eligible to claim for his MRI, provided he has Consultations & Diagnostics benefit included and has limits remaining.


After Adrian submits his claim for the MRI, he also applies to reduce his Consultations & Diagnostics benefit limit from £200,000 to £150,000.


As Adrian is in the middle of claiming for an MRI under his Consultations & Diagnostics benefit, he is unable to reduce his limits. However, once the claim has been processed, his request can be addressed and his limit will be reduced.

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